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PC: My Realistic Dream
What you are about to read is a re-telling of a realistic dream i've had last night with no details left out.
In the past i've had really realistic dreams where I cannot make distinction if it was real or dream since during these dreams I can smell, taste and feel things such as wind, pain and the touch of the characters I meet.
This is one of those dreams...
Okay so the basic idea is that all the cures (Minus SPC) all hang out at my house for sleep overs and stuff like that and I'm their most trusted non-cure friend.
One day Miki and Setsuna tell me that they're really worried because Love and Inori haven't been seen in two days and Kurumi adds that she hasn't seen Tsubomi, Erika, Itsuki or Yuri either then Honoka exclaims that Karen is missing too.
Worried for their safety I gather all the remaining cures and I start a search party in which all the cures transformed and started flying (WTF i know and yet awesome at the same time) I remind them that I couldn't fly so Cure Bloom grabs
:iconashrob89:AshRob89 5 19
Soul x Maka - FanFic - Poetry
"Eh? What's this?" Asked Soul, picking up a piece of paper that had been left on the cluttered kitchen counter.
"D-Don't read that!" Yelped Maka.
She made a desperate attempt to snatch the paper out of Soul's grasp. Soul used his height as an advantage and lifted the paper out of Maka's reach.
"C'mon, Soul! This isn't cool!" Whimpered Maka.
"What's not cool is not sharing this with your partner." Replied Soul, Smirking, "Sharing is caring."
"Well maybe I don't care!" Huffed Maka.
"Ouch! You hurt me right here." Laughed Soul, playfully clutching his chest as if in agony.
"Don't mock me!" Maka growled, stomping her foot in annoyance.
No matter how mature Maka acted, she always had her childish moments.
"Alright, I won't mock you." Chuckled Soul, "Instead, I'll read this."
Soul did his best to hold in his laughter, but failed miserably.
"What's so FUNNY?" Asked Maka in a threatening tone.
"T-This is!" Soul replied while in the midst of laughter.
"It's a heartfelt poem." Explained M
:iconanorexicwalrus:AnorexicWalrus 218 94
Maka's Love Story
Soul has temporarily left to visit family, and Maka looks to her paper and pencil for something to do.
       Maka was quietly sitting at her desk with an open book at 5:47. She read over the printed words but her mind was wandering as she was mindlessly reading the words, she thought to herself. I wonder how Soul is? He hasn’t called me today. The last time we talked was yesterday.
       Soul was currently in Orlando, Florida with his family, the Evans. He wasn’t going to come back Death City until Wednesday and it was Saturday. Maka couldn’t stop wondering, waiting and thinking about his return. She shut her book in frustration. It was useless for her to try to take her mind off of it. Reading was useless, she called Black Star twice with no answer, Kid was on a mission, Blair was at work and even her Papa wasn’t around. She didn’t know if he was busy with the tasks of a Death Scythe or if was just messing aro
:iconoshimoon:OshiMoon 54 20
Chapter I- Incident pg17 by Enthriex Chapter I- Incident pg17 :iconenthriex:Enthriex 86 32
Soul x Maka Fanfic
7 Minutes of Heaven
"OMIGOSH! YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE SUPER FUNTASTIC?!?" Patty giggled excitedly  as everyone turned to look at her. "A SLEEPOVER!!! HAHAHA!"
Oh boy…
"Hey, that's a great idea, Patty!" Liz told her.
"It could be fun…," Tsubaki added
"Yeah," Maka suggested, not sure what to think of it.
"OMIGOSH! It would be so much fun if we invited all the boys too!" Patty added, giggling over herself.
Ooooooh boy…
"Another great idea!" Liz exclaimed.
"Good idea," Tsubaki added.
Maka huffed.
"What's the matter, Maka? Scared of playing Truth or Dare?" Liz asked as she nudged her as Patty giggled even louder.
"NO! I'm not scared of a little game!" Maka said, frustrated.
"Alright then. How does Friday night sound?" Liz asked.
"Sounds AMAZINGGGG!" Patty giggled.
"Sure!" Tsubaki said.
Maka huffed again.
"Oh, but wait! "Where are we gonna have it at?" Tsubaki asked.
"Hmmm… I dunno," Liz though.
"BlackStar and my place is a bit smal
:iconcturcz1234:cturcz1234 358 227
Mature content
Soul x Maka part 8 :iconuchihalavizero:UchihaLaviZero 198 148
SoMa Fanfic - Just You
Maka, busying herself with making dinner, gazed out the window at the setting sun. It was her turn to cook and she was trying something new. She had looked through some old cookbooks she found and found an interesting recipe that looked tasty.
As Maka worked over the stove Soul sat in his room doing homework since Maka told him he wouldn't get any dinner unless he did the homework that she had already finished. He groaned as he sat at his desk, looking down at the sheet of homework and book, but the aroma of food was so tempting he knew he absolutely had to finish it.
Why does she even care if I do my homework or not anyway? It's not like its her grade… She is top of the class. That doesn't mean I have to be though…
Soul pondered in his room as he forced himself to finish the sheet.
"Soul, dinner's ready!" Maka called from the kitchen. "You finished the homework? Didn't you?" she asked sharply as Soul slouched out of his room.
"Yeah yeah. Why do you care anyway?" he a
:iconcturcz1234:cturcz1234 258 130
Soul x Maka Valentine's day p5
Maka was glad that Tsubaki had retrieved her bag from the fight scene, Maka had thanked
her and headed to her next lesson. The nurse had tried to make her stay in the medical bay
but Maka didn't feel like staying there alone. As Maka expected everyone had stared at her
for half the lesson but what Maka hadn't expected was that people asked her if she was okay.
And for once Maka spoke back to them, meeting Soul had opened her up even if it was just
a bit. For some reason she couldn't keep him out of her head, she wanted to look into his
handsome red eyes again.
The day finally ended and for once Maka was glad, her arms were killing her. She waited
untill most of the students were gone so that they didn't bang into her arms. She reached
the front doors and found that it was pouring it down with rain. Maka let out a massive
sigh, "Can this day get any worse?"
Maka stepped out into the rain, bowing her head she hurried to the gate, she looked up
to find a group of boys lingering around. Ma
:iconuchihalavizero:UchihaLaviZero 112 25
butch's story chap. 2
'where am i?'
'you were knocked out.'
'who are you?'
'tell ya later.just wake up unless you prefer to get your brain cut and betray your brothers.'
"wha? hey furball! what are you doing?" butch tries to break free. "teh. i made even more harder for you to break pathetic brother failed to keep boomer." brisbaine said. "ha ha hA HA! don't you get? i'm stronger than boomer. *breaks free*
later doc!" butch flew home.
"oh great mom's gonna kill me." butch entered and his mom hugged him. "butch i was so worried where were you?" his mom said looking at him eye level. "brisbaine he-" butch fainted. 'ah butch! brick hurry get me an icepack!" butch heard his mom say.
'what the hell happened to me?'
'you fainted
:iconblossom2091:blossom2091 72 8
Love is crazy 1
HI! X3 Just letting you know its been 3 years since the PPGZ havee last seen the RRBZ kay?
~w/ Kaoru~
Kaoru:*skating to the pizza shop*(wow I better hurry if I want 2 get the pizza back to the lab b4 Momoko gets mad!)
????:*bumps into Kaoru*Whoa sorry!
Kaoru:*rubs head*No its my fault I wasnt looking-*looks up*(Is that-)
??????:*pulls her up* Im Butch btw and you?
Butch:*starts walking with Kaoru*So where r u going Kaoru?
Kaoru:Pizza shop to get pizza 4 me and my friends
Butch:Well Im heading there 2 but 2 meet my brothers
Kaoru:(Brick and Boomer)So uh how old r u?
Butch:18(why does she want to know my age?)you?
~at the pizza shop~
Butch:well here we are
?????:Butch whos the chick?
Kaoru:(I know that voice Brick?!)
Butch:just a friend of mine her names Kaoru
:iconanimestar194:AnimeStar194 58 35
Mature content
The Pretear's Love :iconanimeloverwoman:AnimeLoverWoman 10 0
Be True To Your Heart
Chapter One
(Zuko and Katara Love Story)
It's been five years since the Prince Zuko took the throne, Katara was at her tribe teaching young water benders about water-bending when Appa arrived and she received a letter from Aang, her ex-boyfriend. Her eyes widened as she read it. Zuko's father has escaped and captured him and Mai tried to rescue him but was killed doing so. Katara quickly got her stuff together and jumped on Appa. They both flew towards the fire nation.
As Katara landed in the fire kingdom, she hid Appa in a cave and used water-bending to lift herself over the wall surrounding the city. "How did Zuko's dad escape?" she thought as she ran towards the palace. "Halt!" Fire nation soldiers yelled when they saw her. She looked around and saw a bucket of water. She quickly focused and the water came out of the bucket, slammed them against a wall and then froze.
:iconanimeloverwoman:AnimeLoverWoman 17 6
Hidden Princess- Ch. 1- Most Powerful Fairy
Announcement: This is my second fan-fiction. It is a Winx Club fan fiction! :)
My first fan-fic is at
Chapter 1 - The Most Powerful Fairy.
Flora sat in her garden which was filled with with all sorts of flowers and plants from both Magix and the Earth. She cast spells on the plants to revive them as she relaxed in the garden with her pink civilian dress on and matching pink pumps. Then, her powers went out of control. Her powers surrounded both her and all the plants in her beautiful, colour-filled garden, as if her powers were upgrading. She heard each and every single melody of the trees, felt the crispness of the leaves, the strength of the wind and every plant merging into her, giving her unlimited powers -no transformation upgrade, mind you- She was 20 at the time. Upon seeing such powerful light coming from that area, a young man with bluish grey hair and quite messy clothing followed the light's beams.
Upon arriving at the small cottage where Flora liv
:iconnatalia-enchantix:Natalia-Enchantix 4 11
Accidentally In Love
Chapter One
"Bubbles!  Watch out!" Blossom yelled as the monster swung it's tentacle.  Bubbles turned and gasped as she shut her eyes tight, preparing for the impact.  Then she opened her eyes as she heard someone grunt and her eyes widened as she saw Buttercup holding onto the tentacle as she glared into the monster's three puke green eyes, "N-No one messes with my sisters!" she yelled as she lifted the monster up into the air.  Blossom flew over to Bubbles side as they both watch Buttercup begin to spin around in a circle, holding onto the monster tight.  Soon a light green tornado formed and went up in the air as it continued until it was far above Townsville.  Then Buttercup let go and watched as the monster went flying across the horizon and disappeared.  She landed on the ground and placed her hands on her knees as she started panting.  Blossom and Bubbles flew down to her.  Bubbles gently p
:iconanimeloverwoman:AnimeLoverWoman 76 69
The Pretear's Love8
Chapter Eight: The Birth of a New Generation and The End
Nine months have passed since Himeno's dream and now she is in the hospital giving birth to her's and Hayate's child. Hayate is in there with her, helping and guarding her during the birth.
Nine months later, Himeno is in the hospital in great pain, she was doing her lamaze to relieve the pain. Soon the pain ceased and she looked up at Hayate who was standing there holding her hand, "Hayate, I'm glad your here." she said with a weak smile. He smiled back. Then a doctor came in, "Well, Mrs Awayuki, let's check to see how far long you are." he said as he approached her below region. She grunted as she felt him stick his hand in. Hayate glared at him. She looked back at Hayate, "Hayate, calm down. He's my doctor. He's just doing his job." she told him. He looked back at her and just smiled. "Alright, let's get you to the labor room." the doctor said when he
:iconanimeloverwoman:AnimeLoverWoman 9 2
the new pretear
Its already been 2 years since Hayates “kiss of life” failed on Himeno. Takako and Sasame got married and Takako is now 4 months pregnant with his child, Goh is still living with Mannen, Hajime, and Shin and Kei ,as a hobby, bought himself a computer to work with at home. Hayates still upset because he wasn't able to tell Himeno about his feelings for her. Takako and Hayate are now very good friends and shes helping him recover from the Himeno incident.
  Hayate was in Leafenia, admiring the beauty of the sight. He was walking down a path in ‘Windy park’ a park commemorated to the Leafe Knight of Wind, which is Hayate. He was thinking to himself “I wonder if Ill be able to get along better with the next one” he said knowing that he was very cold towards Himeno.
As he was walking he sences a weird precense in Leafenia and when he looks back he sees an enourmous amount of leafe being sucked up into the sky and red snow falling from it. “What o
:icondarkkradgoku-fan:darkkradgoku-fan 10 0


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